Monday, July 12, 2010

Surf/Read Promotion Was a BIG Success!

A big, big thank-you to all the members who surfed and read ads this weekend! I think the weekend was an over all big success. And WOW we delivered a lot of hits at each of the four participating sites.

Ad Click Thru Totals:
15,564 Solos Read
10,006 Megas/Supers Read (minus 1 site)
14,298 Traffic Links Viewed
21,193 Exchange Sites Surfed
Total Ad Click Thrus for All 4 Sites= 88,766

Thank-you again to all of the members who did come out and participate. I'll be looking to running another similar promotion hopefully sometime in August, between all the weddings I have to attend this summer. I'll most likely make a more professional promotional splash page done for it so that everyone can get in on it.

Winners List is Below :)

Surf/Read Promotional Weekend Winners List!

Grand Prizes

Prize #1
JV/Super JV Upgrade at all the PGA Text Ad Sites
Winner- alpi2010 (to claim: contact admin)

Prize #2
10 Super Solo Ads at
Winner- courtashent (to claim: contact admin)

Prize #3

10 Solo Ad Credit at the PGA Site of Choice
Winner- mjose (to claim: contact admin)

Regular Prizes

Your Busy Bee Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- wiggie1226
3 Month JV Upgrade- garydowdle
$5 Cash Winner- pointer
Super Solo (claimed at blemons (to claim: contact admin)

Pegasus Text Ads Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- rohani088
3 Month JV Upgrade- JoinNow (upgraded member/won 2 super solos in lieu of upgrade)
$5 Cash Winner- great99
1 Super Solo- scooterb1216

Traffic Generators Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- garydowdle
3 Month JV Upgrade- mustifin
$5 Cash Winner- nursemaggie
1 Mega Solo- moneymaid

Cash Solos Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- sndwflf
3 Month JV Upgrade- webuser14 (upgraded member/won 2 mega solos in lieu of upgrade)
$5 Cash Winner- tazmart
1 Mega Solo- wiggie1226

Consolation Prizes!

Full Login Ad Page w/1000 Views
Your Busy Bee- autoprofits
Pegasus- lenardo
Traffic Generarators- jrpsystems
Cash Solos- sunset1711

250,000 Points
Winner #1- troysplace (Cash Solos)
Winner #2- generic (Traffic Generators)

Congratulations to all our winners. Sorry not everyone could win that participated :( I wish I could give you all prizes. I'll be contacting some of the winners over the next few days to arrange some prize payments.