Monday, July 12, 2010

Surf/Read Promotion Was a BIG Success!

A big, big thank-you to all the members who surfed and read ads this weekend! I think the weekend was an over all big success. And WOW we delivered a lot of hits at each of the four participating sites.

Ad Click Thru Totals:
15,564 Solos Read
10,006 Megas/Supers Read (minus 1 site)
14,298 Traffic Links Viewed
21,193 Exchange Sites Surfed
Total Ad Click Thrus for All 4 Sites= 88,766

Thank-you again to all of the members who did come out and participate. I'll be looking to running another similar promotion hopefully sometime in August, between all the weddings I have to attend this summer. I'll most likely make a more professional promotional splash page done for it so that everyone can get in on it.

Winners List is Below :)

Surf/Read Promotional Weekend Winners List!

Grand Prizes

Prize #1
JV/Super JV Upgrade at all the PGA Text Ad Sites
Winner- alpi2010 (to claim: contact admin)

Prize #2
10 Super Solo Ads at
Winner- courtashent (to claim: contact admin)

Prize #3

10 Solo Ad Credit at the PGA Site of Choice
Winner- mjose (to claim: contact admin)

Regular Prizes

Your Busy Bee Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- wiggie1226
3 Month JV Upgrade- garydowdle
$5 Cash Winner- pointer
Super Solo (claimed at blemons (to claim: contact admin)

Pegasus Text Ads Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- rohani088
3 Month JV Upgrade- JoinNow (upgraded member/won 2 super solos in lieu of upgrade)
$5 Cash Winner- great99
1 Super Solo- scooterb1216

Traffic Generators Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- garydowdle
3 Month JV Upgrade- mustifin
$5 Cash Winner- nursemaggie
1 Mega Solo- moneymaid

Cash Solos Winners
Lifetime JV Upgrade- sndwflf
3 Month JV Upgrade- webuser14 (upgraded member/won 2 mega solos in lieu of upgrade)
$5 Cash Winner- tazmart
1 Mega Solo- wiggie1226

Consolation Prizes!

Full Login Ad Page w/1000 Views
Your Busy Bee- autoprofits
Pegasus- lenardo
Traffic Generarators- jrpsystems
Cash Solos- sunset1711

250,000 Points
Winner #1- troysplace (Cash Solos)
Winner #2- generic (Traffic Generators)

Congratulations to all our winners. Sorry not everyone could win that participated :( I wish I could give you all prizes. I'll be contacting some of the winners over the next few days to arrange some prize payments.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everyone Should Read This!

Yes everyone, even if you don't think you are guilty of it, you would be surprised!

Each week I approve hundreds of ads on eight different sites and I'm sending up to 5% of the ads back due to incorrect ad posting and not following the guidelines. Some of the rules are basic rules but some are different than what the other sites allow so please read through them all.

Here is the rules:

- NO Adult Websites
- NO Gambling Sites
- Absolutely NO URL Rotators!
- ONLY 1 Closeable Pop UP is Allowed providing it opens in the same web page.
- Absolutely NO PTP or Paid to Promote sites are Allowed!!
- NO PTC sites that we deem as ridiculous sign up bonuses or amounts per ads read or cash out and/or are on the PTC scam list
- Sites must be 90% English!
- NO use of our site name in your promotions of other sites besides which we are directly affiliated with and/or own (ie: S.L.A.M Traffic, Text Ad Dreams, Maximum Profits etc.)
- NO Subject Lines Containing or Pertaining to Amounts over $1000!! NO Exceptions! This also means no trying to disguise it!! Websites names are okay like 8k but submitting it as follows "Earn 8k in Weeks" is NOT allowed!
- NO framebreakers including Linkbucks, Adfly, Infinity Downline, Blastoff Network and so forth. These sites all break frames. If a site breaks frames other members are not earning points to view your ads! Pointless!

Maximum Allowed of Same Site or Same Ad is Three!

Banner Ads must be 468x60 only! NO larger, NO Exceptions!

Button Banners
Button Banners must be 125x125 ONLY! NO Larger and NOT 468x60!!

NOTE: Don't know the size of the banner? Right click the banner image, click "Properties" and it will show you the correct size :)

Login Ads
-There must be a clickable URL in the ad!!
-Must open in a new window
-NO more than 4 urls are allowed and must pertain to the site you are promoting!
-Must NOT exceed 800px in width or 1500 characters in length.

Solo Ads, Cash Solos & Mega/Super Solos

-In fairness to other members and to ensure proper ad delivery, ONLY 1 regular solo ad per person may be submitted at any one given time! If you submit more than one solo ad at a time you may be subject to have them ALL returned to your account with no explanation.
-One URL and one URL only including clickable links is allowed to be posted in the body of the solo ad.
-Solo ads over 1500 characters may be returned to your account.

We reserve the right to delete or send back any ad that we deem does not follow these guidelines!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly Site Updates (Feb.3, 2010)

I've got some big site updates today so please bare with me and there is a few surprises at the end of the update so be sure to read through it. The month of February again is going to be a very busy month for me as I'm still trying to get my move done and I'm admitting, I'm having trouble getting motivated! However the show must go on!

What's on the Horizon?

I've got some big plans for some stuff after my move is done. Number one I will be building a brand new site in the next few coming months with some brand new features. Number two I most likely will be giving ownership of Text Ad Dreams over to my partner, Cindy. It's been a fun ride and I'd like to thank Cindy as she's been doing most of the everyday things of running Text Ad Dreams now for quite some time. She'll make an excellent full admin :)

Commissions Requests

Due to my move and that being my first priority right now, all commissions request submitted will be granted between March 1st and March 15th. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause :(

Cash Solos Special Updates

For the month of February I will be running a bit of a different promotion regarding the *100 Read Club* Here is how the new promotion will work.

*The Weekly 250*
How to win: Read at least 250 ads by between midnight cst each week beginning Monday and ending the following Monday at midnight to be entered to win. The ads do not have to be the same kind of ad but can be a combined amount of ads to equal 250.
What Can I Win?
A random prize will be chosen each week to 7 different winners. It could be anything from a button banner ad to a mega solo ad or possibly even cash. Anyone could win that reads the 250 ads per week.
Remember: Only active members will be chosen. Active refers to members who are posting ads as well as reading ads!

Last weeks ad stats look really good: Over 95,000 ads read again last week by you the members! Terrific!!

Downline Builders

I'm looking to add a few newer sites to the downline builder I am not a member of but I know a lot of members are. The sites will be added to most of my downline builders so this should hopefully give you some referrals as your ID will be the first.

Here is the list of sites:

Forced Cash Gifts

Again please contact me via support with subject line "Downline Builder Sites", please include your referral ID (no cloaking) and a link to the 468x60 banner url. Please do not send me any other sites to add. I'm not interested right now :)


Toolbar users my apologies for being a little slow on the weekly promo codes through the month of January. Your February promo code is up.
Grab your Toolbar here!

My apologies for the long updates this week. I'm sure I still could add more but we'll save that for another day. Have a great week and happy advertising!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Week.... New Post!

Hey everyone welcome to this weeks site updates. On a personal note, it's now just over two weeks until our big move up to Canada. Excited, nervous and very busy trying to make sure everything is ready and done. My dad and stepmother are also coming up for a short visit from Florida.


Over the next few weeks I may be busy and not get to all the support emails unless they are really important. If I don't answer right away I will get around to it when things settle down.

Last Weeks Site Troubles

So far the sites have been working great this week after our little hiccup last week. I'm still working on sending some of the solo ads that experienced a low number of hits. Please be patient :)

Last Week's Ad Stats

Blazin Traffic- 50,735 Ads Read
S.L.A.M Traffic- 53,252 Ads Read
Cash Solos-
# of Solos Read- 25,089
# of Mega Solos Read- 19,380
# of Text Ads Read- 12,422
Total # of Ads Read- 96,879!
Total # of Ads Read since July 15, 2009- 3,308,613!!

Still excellent for all three sites!!

Dont forget to check out the latest winners at Cash Solos for our *100 Read Club* Just read 100 ads a day and you could win tons of different prizes including mega solos, banner impressions and yes, even cash!

That's it for the weekly updates this week. Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sites Appear to Be Back Online Again!

Ok the sites do appear to be back online sending mails again. I'm not holding my breath as I have not yet received a reply to my support ticket from my hosting company. But for now we're full systems go.

I've noticed some hits on some of the solo ads in the last week from Cash Solos, Maximum Profits and S.L.A.M Traffic have been down due to mailing issues. Any solo ads that I deemed did not receive the proper amount of hits as per average for each site have been reset and will be resent again. I want to ensure all your solo ads are being read.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding! Best members in the world right here!

Support Desk Not Working (Jan.21)

The Support Desk is currently down and I cannot reply to any messages. If you need to contact me please email me at

The following sites are also not delivering emails:
Maximum Profits
Cash Solos
S.L.A.M Traffic

Again I apologize for the issues regarding the sites. I've been in contact with my hosting company, hopefully, to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Site Updates (Jan.20, 2010)

Whoohooo three weeks until my departure to Canada. Who would have thought there was so many little things to consider when moving, especially to a different country. Wow, needless to say I've been busy this last week or so.

Time for the weekly site updates at Blazin Traffic, Blazin Ads, S.L.A.M Traffic, Maximum Profits, Text Ad Dreams and Cash Solos.

NEW Specials!

Why didnt anyone tell me Christmas was over a few weeks ago?? Ok so yes, the specials are finally changed on all the sites minus Text Ad Dreams. I call the new specials the "Back to Canada" specials. Each site has a different special so be sure to check each one out. Hopefully one will appeal to you. They're good!!

Active Members Site of the Week is Posted
At Participating Sites!

Last Weeks Ad Stats

Here is last weeks ads stats for Blazin Traffic, S.L.A.M Traffic and Cash Solos.
I was a day late getting them this week so they dont quite reflect the exact 7 day ad reads.

Blazin Traffic- 60,693
S.L.A.M Traffic- 97,720 (Wow almost 12,215 ads per day!)
Cash Solos- 125,151 (Average of 15,642 ads read per day!)

Again, may I say, you guys are awesome!! I keep saying I have the best members in the whole Text Ad Exchange world and the amount of ads read is a strong testament to that. Thank-you!!

Super Solo Special

This is a 48 hour special over at our super solo site! Grab 20 super solos for only $60! That's only $3 each! Normal OTO price is $120!! Go on go grab it right now in the OTO before its gone:

Special ends on Friday, January 22nd at 7pm est.

Well that's it folks another week as past and those are our weekly updates for all the sites.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week.

To Happy Advertising!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Site Updates (All Sites)

Welcome to our 1st big post. Weekly site updates for all the sites.


On a personal note, I'm currently getting ready to make a big move back to Canada on Feb.15 so I've been a little behind getting some stuff done around the sites as I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things that need to be done plus taking care of business :(

Active Member Site of The Week

Cash Solos, Text Ad Dreams, S.L.A.M Traffic and Maximum Profits all have the active member site of the week posted. Check it out, it could be your site :)

Weekly Ad Stats

S.L.A.M Traffic- 78,416 Ads Read (Good Job All)

Blazin Traffic- 48,230 Ads Read

Cash Solos- 109,130 Ads Read
# of Text Ads Read- 15,884
# of Html Ads Read- 13,793
# of Solo Ads Read- 28,815
# of Mega Solos Read- 19,681
# of Ads Read Since June 15th, 2009- 3,086,583

Thats over 3 million ads read since we opened, not just served but actual members seeing your ads!

Unfortunately I do not have access to the exact ad counts yet at all the sites but I'm working on it.


To those of you only using Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN emails most, if not all, of your emails are bouncing. Please change your email address. I highly recommend a Gmail account to ensure you receive all your messages.

That's it, thats all folks! Have a great week and Happy Advertising :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Welcome to the Profits Group Advertising Blog. We'll be using our blog to do site updates on a regular weekly basis. The updates will be generally be about our text ad exchanges, Cash Solos, Maximum Profits, Text Ad Dreams, S.L.A.M Traffic, Blazin Traffic, Blazin Ads and any new sites we may build in the future.

Feel free to subscribe to our blog so you don't miss any of our site updates :)

You can visit our entire group of sites by visiting here!