Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Site Updates (Jan.20, 2010)

Whoohooo three weeks until my departure to Canada. Who would have thought there was so many little things to consider when moving, especially to a different country. Wow, needless to say I've been busy this last week or so.

Time for the weekly site updates at Blazin Traffic, Blazin Ads, S.L.A.M Traffic, Maximum Profits, Text Ad Dreams and Cash Solos.

NEW Specials!

Why didnt anyone tell me Christmas was over a few weeks ago?? Ok so yes, the specials are finally changed on all the sites minus Text Ad Dreams. I call the new specials the "Back to Canada" specials. Each site has a different special so be sure to check each one out. Hopefully one will appeal to you. They're good!!

Active Members Site of the Week is Posted
At Participating Sites!

Last Weeks Ad Stats

Here is last weeks ads stats for Blazin Traffic, S.L.A.M Traffic and Cash Solos.
I was a day late getting them this week so they dont quite reflect the exact 7 day ad reads.

Blazin Traffic- 60,693
S.L.A.M Traffic- 97,720 (Wow almost 12,215 ads per day!)
Cash Solos- 125,151 (Average of 15,642 ads read per day!)

Again, may I say, you guys are awesome!! I keep saying I have the best members in the whole Text Ad Exchange world and the amount of ads read is a strong testament to that. Thank-you!!

Super Solo Special

This is a 48 hour special over at our super solo site! Grab 20 super solos for only $60! That's only $3 each! Normal OTO price is $120!! Go on go grab it right now in the OTO before its gone:

Special ends on Friday, January 22nd at 7pm est.

Well that's it folks another week as past and those are our weekly updates for all the sites.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week.

To Happy Advertising!

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