Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Site Updates (All Sites)

Welcome to our 1st big post. Weekly site updates for all the sites.


On a personal note, I'm currently getting ready to make a big move back to Canada on Feb.15 so I've been a little behind getting some stuff done around the sites as I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things that need to be done plus taking care of business :(

Active Member Site of The Week

Cash Solos, Text Ad Dreams, S.L.A.M Traffic and Maximum Profits all have the active member site of the week posted. Check it out, it could be your site :)

Weekly Ad Stats

S.L.A.M Traffic- 78,416 Ads Read (Good Job All)

Blazin Traffic- 48,230 Ads Read

Cash Solos- 109,130 Ads Read
# of Text Ads Read- 15,884
# of Html Ads Read- 13,793
# of Solo Ads Read- 28,815
# of Mega Solos Read- 19,681
# of Ads Read Since June 15th, 2009- 3,086,583

Thats over 3 million ads read since we opened, not just served but actual members seeing your ads!

Unfortunately I do not have access to the exact ad counts yet at all the sites but I'm working on it.


To those of you only using Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN emails most, if not all, of your emails are bouncing. Please change your email address. I highly recommend a Gmail account to ensure you receive all your messages.

That's it, thats all folks! Have a great week and Happy Advertising :)

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